In the past five years we have witnessed a revival of film photography. The simplicity of taking pictures with film, the authenticity as well as the concentration required to take a picture has attracted many photographers in recent years.
Film photography has its place besides digital photography. Many photographers produce both analog as well as digital images, as both have their advantages. Both have their value and attraction.
There are also many websites selling used analog cameras for very reasonable prices. This makes analogue photography very accessible
There is a whole generation of photographers who have never been in touch with film photography before. This book provides a starting point to those photographers who want to get acquainted with it or renew their experience with film photography, using tools that are available in a digital world.
Most of this book applies to both black and white as well as colour film photography. Some aspects, such as the film development process, focus on black and white film photography only.

You'll learn about:
- the basic elements of a film camera
- the various types of film camera's available
- learning how to meter light without a built-in light meter
- how to develop your film
- how the scan your film
- how to edit your photo's
- how to publish your photo's
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